Online Reviews Are Like A Tractor Beam For New Customers

Reviewy is your tractor beam's engine


How it works

The best reviewed businesses get all the new customers

When you google for local business, do you choose the business with 3 reviews, or 100 reviews?

The best reviewed businesses get more customers coming to them, which gets them more reviews, which gets more customers.

So how can you become one of those businesses?


We created a tool that makes getting new reviews insanely easy.

Thank you for your using Tate Roofing Company! Did you receive EXCELLENT service?
Reply YES or NO. Standard messaging rates apply.
We're so happy you had a good experience! It would mean the world to us if you wrote us a 5-star review.
You don't even have to go hunting for where to find it, just use this link.
Either way, we hope you have a great day!

Happy customers
give 5-star reviews

After each job, we'll send your customers a simple question:

Did we provide good service? Answer YES or NO

If they answer YES, we thank them and ask them to leave you a review.

Upset customers give offline feedback

If your customer says they didn't receive good service, we ask them why not. Their response gets sent straight to you, without ever getting posted online.

Thank you for your using Tate Roofing Company! Did you receive EXCELLENT service?
Reply YES or NO. Standard messaging rates apply.
We're sad to hear that.
Please tell us why you had a bad experience by replying to this message (your next text will be sent directly to our managers).
Your technician left a
huge mess on my roof!
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You're message has been sent directly to management, who will be reviewing it.

Common Questions

Will I have to constantly text a million people to use Reviewy?

All the texting happens automatically.

After you're done with a job, simply enter the customer's name and phone number, and we'll automatically text the customer and handle ongoing messaging.

The only time you'll get a text notification is when a customer says they had a bad experience.

What happens when I get negative feedback?

When someone answers NO and gives additional feedback, we text the account holder immediately with the negative feedback, as well as the customers name and contact number.

That way, the business owner (you) can correct the situation immediately.


We are currently in a beta period.

What does that mean?

As a new startup, there will be great change to our product in the coming months. Expect rapid changes, and the possibility of minor glitches or bugs. During the beta period, our users will have greater input on the product & feature set.

Why charge during beta?

The most valuable feedback we can have for our early startup is whether it's valuable enough or not to pay for. By charging during our beta, it allows us to determine whether we're on the right track or not.

The best part

The biggest reason for joining the beta is you will permanently lock in your price at this beta price. You will always be automatically grandfathered in to our highest pricing tiers in the future.

We won't ever raise your price. If we lower our prices, we will lower yours as well.


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  • Block Bad Reviews
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